Lan Ha Bay – Pristine Magnificence

Lan Ha Bay is situated to the east of Cat Ba Island, adjacent to Ha Long Bay in the southern part. Covering an area of over 7,000 hectares, it comprises a relatively untouched archipelago with around 400 densely packed islands, creating a vast and enchanting panorama.

What sets Lan Ha Bay apart is the presence of many islands with sandy beaches at the base of the mountains, enhancing its vivid beauty. Visitors can leisurely cruise to these sandy shores, enjoying the beach or taking a dip in the pristine waters. Within Lan Ha Bay lies the floating village of Cai Beo, home to over 200 families living in houses designed on floating platforms. This village has attracted archaeologists from both within and outside the country, eager to delve into its millennia-old history. Tourists often hire boats for 3-4 hours to explore the Bèo pier – Cai Beo Bay – visit fish farms (remember to inquire about prices before purchasing fish), or explore Ba Trai Dao Island – ideal for swimming, relaxation, and refreshments at Monkey Island before returning to Bèo pier.

In contrast to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay boasts 139 small, charming, and deserted golden sandy beaches, akin to inviting “green sea straits” calling travelers to explore. Many of these beaches stretch between two rocky mountains, offering tranquil waters without large waves, truly ideal for beachgoers. Beneath the clear waters lie colorful coral reefs such as Vạn Bội Beach and Vạn Hà Beach. The calm seas around Sến Island, Cù Island, and Khỉ Island serve as perfect spots for snorkeling adventures.

Thanks to its untouched and serene natural beauty, Lan Ha Bay has become a prominent resort destination, captivating both local and international tourists, second only to Ha Long Bay. While not as widely known yet, Lan Ha Bay is acknowledged as one of Vietnam’s most beautiful bays. During the autumn season, the bay is at its most beautiful, with soft, mild sunlight, gentle ocean breezes, and an overall atmosphere that allows visitors to comfortably enjoy the refreshing experience of cruising through the bay.

On the journey through the bay, visitors can stop at Monkey Island, offering a chance to encounter playful and lively monkeys, making it suitable for groups with small children. The island also features the beautiful Cát Dứa Beach, the most pristine satellite beach of Cat Ba Island, with absolutely clear seawater. In front of the beach, the undulating mountain ranges create a uniquely spectacular coastal edge. However, to reach the island, you must cross a stretch of water approximately 2 kilometers across.

Today, to explore Lan Ha Bay, you can choose from various one-day tours with an 8-hour itinerary or opt for multi-day cruises lasting 2 or 3 days. There are numerous cruise options for an overnight stay in Lan Ha Bay, and Erina Cruise stands out as a luxurious choice for an unforgettable experience on the bay.